Northstar #146 Titan V1 2nds Sluggers (234grm)

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This Slugger is 33-35mm dia solid rod and weighs 234grm

Exp. #146 Titan V1 is the first of many experimental greens we are working on. This version is the lightest shade with the most opalescent strike. Very similar to TAG-010 Slyme, although with less air content and lighter green hue. It is a vibrant lime green that is flame stable with minimal air content and the ability to be encased and still hold its saturation well. This product does contain chromium, not recommended for deep encasement.

Second quality Slugger Bars do not meet our visual inspection standards. May contain one or more of the following: raw silica inclusions, air bubbles, punty contamination, or surface striations. Lengths may vary.