Glass Rods

 Please note:

We try to provide the highest accuracy of colour in our photos but all colours may vary with different batches.


We are pleased to announce the appointment of a "Secret Tester". She is very well known to all of you throughout the U.K and Europe but for now we are keeping her identity a secret, your welcome to guess though.We will be supplying her with glass and tools , some new , some old to play with and will show pictures and any tips /tricks she offers below good or bad.


Using Effetre Apricot Yellow as a base -

                             "i read somewhere that its good with Terranova 2 ( or was it Terra ) . In the plunged dot beads , the Apricot Yellow
                              is just too garish and it gets a strong black reaction line around the dots. However , its really brought out fab colours 
                              from the Aurae and Terranova 2 so i'm going to try this again,using just a dot of Apricot Yellow under the silver glass.
                              I have not played with Terranova 2 much at all before now, but i'm very impressed with the purples "


  Using Effetre Mosaic Green -

                  " didn't play nice with the silver glass on the plunged dot beads , but worked much better on the swirl style.
I did two with Aurae the second time i decided to completely saturate the green , and it worked qiute well"



Using Effetre Dark Matter -

                      "tried plunged dots in Aurae , Triton and Terranova 2 . Triton was a big fat grey bleurgh , but wow , look at the
                       Aurae one! .The Dark Matter has gone a really nice green, this is the best bead of the whole bunch . Again, 
                        lovely purples from the Terranova 2 so more playtime called for there"