The Torch Buddy

A newly developed tool manufactured in the UK allowing you to secure your torch to your workbench and have full support for your fore arms. Manufactured from 18mm thick plywood and sanded smooth the metal arms and clips are made from strong and sturdy 6mm steel rod.



The Bethlehem Sharp Flame Hand Torch

New to the UK market.



Bethlehem Stacks Torch




Stacks Base Unit

The Bethlehem Stack Torch base.


Stacks 1 Torch

The smaller of the two torches that can be added to the "Stacks" system. This torch normally sits above the larger stacks 2 torch. This torch needs a 5ltr oxy-con and is great for soft and Boro glass rods up to 16mm o.d, the torch is almost an Alpha in size and performance.

You will need a base unit to position this torch.


Stacks 2 Torch

The larger of the two torches that can be added to the "Stacks" system. This torch needs a 10ltr oxy-con at least but will work better with 15ltrs. A great melting torch for either tube or rod, rod up to 30mm o.d and heavy wall tubing up to 38mm o.d.

You will need a base unit to position this torch.

Nortel Arrow Bench Torch

Launched at Flame Off 2017

The Nortel Arrow Bench Torch


Bethlehem Alpha Burner

The Hot Head Torch

The Hot Head Torch

Mapp Gas Stand

Mapp gas base


Nortel Ranger Hand Torch

Nortel Minor Burner

The Nortel Minor Burner

Nortel Minor Torch Cleaning Tool

This is the cleaning tool for the Nortel Minor Torch , cleaning the ports will extend the life of your torch as well as stops carbon marks discolouring glass while working.

Nortel Midrange Torch


Nortel Mega Minor


Nortel Midrange Plus with Minor Top


Smiths The Little Torch

This is a super tiny torch for jewellery making and using with glass for fine decoration work ,supplied with 5 tips the flame is like a fine needle.Supplied with UK fitting threads for immediate use,this torch will work brilliantly with one of our UK refurbished oxy-cons as an oxygen source and we can supply the "Y" connectors to connect to your existing propane hose. 

Nortel MultiMix Jr Hand Torch

A firm favourite with hot shop and lathe workers that need a hot, clean flame.

Bethlehem Bravo Burner


"Made with the precision and quality of all Bethlehem burners, the Bravo's output is surface-mixed and whisper-soft. By varying the atmosphere of your flame, you can use your torch like a fiery paintbrush.The razor-sharp centre is excellent for creating small details. For marbles, sculpting, and vessels, this sleek new torch is both cost-effective and fuel-efficient"



Bethlehem Bravo Sharp Torch

The Bravo Sharp Flame is the latest Bethlehem Burners torch to include our new Sharp Flame centerfire design! This stainless steel, surface mix, glass working torch was designed for glass artists looking for an artistic style burner that’s also durable and user friendly. From the sharp flame centerfire to the infinite mid-flame range of the outer fire, the Bravo Sharp Flame produces every flame setting and fuel-mixture ratio a glass artist could wish for.