Smiths The Little Torch

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This is a super tiny torch for jewellery making and using with glass for fine decoration work ,supplied with 5 tips the flame is like a fine needle.Supplied with UK fitting threads for immediate use,this torch will work brilliantly with one of our UK refurbished oxy-cons as an oxygen source and we can supply the "Y" connectors to connect to your existing propane hose. 

When you pick up The Little Torch, you know immediately that you are holding a magnificent instrument which enables you to extend your skills far beyond previous limits. A variety of Flame Settings and sizes produce a perfectly controlled, stable flame, hot enough to melt commercially weldable metals, glass and ceramics with thread-thin flames up to 6000 F. 
This little torch fits right in your hand, It is just a fraction wider than your middle finger and features a thin, extremely lightweight hose which provides added manoeuvrability. The flame length can be varied by the operator to his/her exact requirements buy adjusting the oxygen and fuel gas valves on the torch body.

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