Burnt Sugar (Ltd Run) 1/8 kilo

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Ltd Run colours are manufactured in extremely small quantities and might not be repeated again so the advice is always to buy as much as you can if you like it.

Burnt Sugar is described as a "a transparent brown"

Testers reported

"Burnt Sugar is a rich transparent brown with caramel tones. I experimented with Burnt Sugar by pairing it with Val Cox frit named Drama Cream. These round beads have a simple sprinkling of the glass frit gently melted into the surface." See more at Darlene's blog.
 Darlene Collette
"Burnt Sugar is a peachy brown that is very unique to the soft glass palette. It’s a wonderful colour and a dream to work with. No shocking, no bubbling and sculpted like a dream."
 Lori Peterson
"Horehound is a very pretty light honey shade that looks even prettier under encasement. Burnt Sugar is a golden shade of transparent brown with a slight orange tone to it which makes me think of Topaz. Brown Eyed Girl is the darkest of the 3 new colours and more of a true brown rather than tones of amber or topaz. All 3 of these transparent colours were wonderfully well behaved in the flame, no boiling or micro bubbles at all." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
 Jolene Wolfe
"Burnt Sugar is a true transparent brown in my opinion. Not shocky and no issues with bubbling or scumming. Played nicely with dichroic and silver glass on surface."
 Terri Herron
"Burnt Sugar is a transparent brown that has a beautiful warmth to it due to its subtle coppery and almost rosy tones. It has a great working consistency – not too stiff and not too gloopy – and it melts smoothly without any scumming or hazing. Not at all shocky either. The spacers are plain Burnt Sugar and they are slightly paler than the main beads. I reckon that this is because the longer you work the glass, and the more you cool and reheat it, the warmer and more saturated the end result will be. Burnt Sugar is a glorious colour and a really well-behaved glass. I love it." Read more at Laura's blog.
 Laura Sparling
"Two transparent browns, yet very different. Burnt Sugar [left] is a peachy, warm brown. Brown Eyed Girl [right] is a yellowish, cool brown. Both are super interesting, nice colours. I think I prefer Burnt Sugar, because I find the warmth of it more welcoming." Read more at DragonJools blog.
 Dwyn Tomlinson
"A beautiful pale brown transparent that to me has a slight peach tone to it, reminiscent of caramalised brown sugar with some golden peach tones thrown in the mix. It creates a wonderful base for silver glass as well as being a delicately beautiful peachy dark golden tone on spacer beads on their own. They glisten and shine as the light hits the beads and bounces off giving a twinkle at every turn. I found this colour stiffer to work than most colours, not as stiff to melt as Effetre Black 064 but stiffer than Effetre Clear or any of the CiM opals. This didn’t affect its end result. I found working it a few times on the heat and cool process brought out a slightly richer hue. No bubbling at all and no shockiness when the cold rod entered the flame [I didn’t preheat this colour]; works exceptionally well with silver glass as well as on its own."
 Juliette Mullett