Creative Collections

A page that allows you to buy specially selected packs of glass. Please note: colours may vary depending on stock levels.

Rainbow Filigrano Collection

A Rainbow of filigree colours.


Ivory Inspiration Pack

A collection of 12 rods , 2 of each of effetre 591283, 481, 293, 292, 291 and 287.

Fantastic rods with fantastic reactions which are great as beads, pendants or shards.

SAVE 20%

Mica Bundle

A bargain bundle of 4 micas, 20grms of Silver dust, Purple Shimmer, Blue Shimmer & Satin White powder.

Woodland Selection

This selection reminds us of woodland greens and ambers . There is a stick of each of Effetre yellow borlottii, marc pastel, moss green , green cave, light umba, wood, turqoiuse grey and 2 thin sticks of antique pastel.


The Pink Collection

A collection of Pinks 104coe


The Purples Collection

A collection of 104coe purples

Opaque Mixed 1/2 Kilo

Randomly mixed 1/2 kilo of effetre glass rods. Mix will include between 20-24 rods.

Opaque Mixed Kilo

Randomly mixed kilo of effetre glass rods. Mix will include between 40-50 rods.

Effetre Transparent Coloured Rods 1/2 kilo

Effetre Transparent Coloured Rods 1 kilo