GA Twilight 125grm

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About Twilight, 548

Twilight, 548 was designed as part of a series of 6 blues and greens to provide a range of hues and intensities that would work well with each other as well as set off the bright Crayon colours.

Working Tip: Work this colour in a neutral flame. Garage at 975° F, Anneal at 1050° F.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"Twilight is the slightest bit stiffer than Glass Alchemy Peacock and Agua Azul but works just the same, nice and creamy.

This blue is a deep, opaque colour that is darker than Peacock, but still a very distinct blue that has a special place in the colour palette. It works great for sculpting solid work and for blown work. Twilight lends well to many styles of application. I also like Twilight for murrine because of the density of the colour and the ability to hold up well when drawn down to different sizes.

Working this colour properly is the same as working other opaques and Crayon colours. Twilight does not sublime or boil and can be intensely spot heated with a sharp flame for detail and welds. Small variations in darker tones emerge with intense spot heating when colour is not encased" - Mike Shelbo