GA Rasta Gold Crayon 125grm

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About Rasta Gold Crayon, 201

Rasta Gold Crayon is a vibrant golden tone - the perfect shade between Yellow Crayon and Orange Crayon.

Working Tip: Pre-heat in outer flame. Avoid rapid heating

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:

"Rasta Gold Crayon is smooth and creamy when not encased in clear and is not prone to easy boiling. Working Rasta Gold in solid and blown work is great because the colour is so dense. It lends well to heavy manipulation and stretching.

I will mostly work this colour in the center to outer region of the flame but for quick heats with a sharper hotter flame you can bring Rasta Gold Crayon close to the torch tip as long as you move the rod while heating and do not overheat one small spot in particular. Try moving the rod away from the torch tip while running a sharp hot flame if you are trying to weld or spot heat for detail and you want a perfect melt.

This colour compliments and contrasts well with Shamrock, 4494 as well as many opaque and transparent Glass Alchemy Cobalts and Blues, as well as the other warm Glass Alchemy Crayon colours." - Mike Shelbo