Paragon Express-KM -18T- Knife Shelf Kit is Not Included

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The Paragon Express-KM-18T furnace is single phase , UK plug fitted . The furnace inner chamber measures, Volume 6.8 Ltr. Width 140mm x Height 108mm and a depth of 457mm.

Exterior measurements are 432mm width x 787mm depth x 432mm high.

This kiln is a special order kiln , from payment we would expect shipping in 10-12 weeks.

Due to the kiln size and weight there is a £120.00 for European delivery.

When you own a Paragon Xpress-KM-18T furnace, you can live the knife making adventure to the fullest. You will actually witness the birth of your knives in the bright red heat of the furnace. The soul is born in the furnace, because the heat treating brings out the highest qualities of the steel.

Many knife makers enjoy owning a furnace, because they can revel in testing. They put blades through tests more severe than any knife owner would dare. Yes, they test for Rockwell hardness, but they don’t stop there. The serious knife maker tests the knife against hemp rope and 2x4s. They bend the blade to 45° or even 90°. Then they straighten the blade, slap on a handle and test it in the real world.

The knife maker with an Xpress-KM-series furnace can try exotic heat treating methods at his leisure. Does quenching in dry ice improve blade performance? What happens when 52100 steel is triple-quenched with a one-day wait between each quench? After this treatment, will a 52100 blade bend to 90° without chipping?

With a Paragon furnace in your shop, all questions about heat treating formulas are settled. Heat treating is no longer theory. You find out for yourself what works. Testing and heat treating is at the heart of the knife making adventure. Here is where your confidence as a knife maker takes root. Through heat treating, you can master a tool steel and make it your own.

Experiment with differential hardening, an ancient bladesmith technique. Try out the newest tool steels. Are they really as good as the tried and true D2 and A2? Paragon’s knife making furnaces are now rated to 2350 degrees F (1287 Celsius), so you can heat treat as hot as you need to.