fish eye pliers



Brass Swivel 1/4 dia 90 Degree Angle

A 1/4" dia brass swivel with one side fully swivelling , these are to be used on blowpipes and blow hoses.

Measuring 30mm x 25mm .


Brass Swivell 1/4 dia Straight

A 1/4" dia brass swivel with one side fully swivelling , these are to be used on blowpipes and blow hoses.

Measuring 40mm long.


BlowHose Mouthpieces x 5

Amber coloured mouthpieces that fit our blow hose kits , 5 in a pack .

90 Degree Brass Swivel Blow Hose Set

Ideal for use when blowing beads , shards or boro work. Allows work and blowing without moving the blowpipe from flame to mouth repeatedly.

Set of Three Blow Hose Adapters

A set of 3 adapters to increase the tube size you can work with the blow hose kit, sizes are 9mm, 12mm and 15mm silicone adapters.

Mosaic Cutters

Mosaic Cutters

you can watch Becci using these on our youtube site


Texture Tool

Launched at Flame Off 2017

Texture Tool


Wooden Handle Shaping Tool

Launched at Flame Off 2017

Wooden handle shaping tool

Diamond Reamer Set

Diamond Bead Reamer Tool

This metal tool is a diamond reamer for cleaning your beads and tidying the hole edges. Sold with 4 diamond reamers they fit into the metal collet and tighten for a good grip. The reamers should always be used with water to prolong the diamond life. Reamers include 2 bead hole cleaners,diamond paddle and a hole edge smoother.

Peters Tweezers 10 Large

Peters Tweezers are the original tool used for piercing holes in pendants.

These tweezers measure 260mm long x 80mm wide at the widest end


Large Spatula Shaping Tool

8pc Pin Punch Set

New shaping and dimpling tools, 8 tools measuring 2mm , 3mm , 4mm , 4.5mm , 5mm , 6mm , 8mm and 9mm dia

The tool handles are 115mm long with the overall length of the tool between 150mm -180mm long.

Amber Latex Rubber Hose

A 1mtr long piece of 9mm o.d amber latex rubber hose , ideal for blow hose kits and replacing perished hosing .

Tungsten Scoring Tool

This is a must have tool for every lampworker , you need 1 of these on your bench.


Tungsten Scoring Tool Replacement Blade

1 x Replacement blade for your scoring tool.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Glass Nippers

6 Piece Wax carving Set

Wax Carving Tool Set

Cooling Bubbles

Brand New Japanese Cooling Bubbles

Dual Action Metal Marver

Metal Marver with 2 sides.

Enamel Sifter Small

Small enamel Sifter

Fibre Blanket

Great for cooling beads slowly

Graphite Marble Paddle,3 hole

Metal Handled Graphite Marble Paddle , 3 marblemoulds.


Mapp Gas Stand

Mapp gas base


Plug Adaptor