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Marble Moulds/Tools

Made from the best quality graphite these USA manufactured tools are designed for marble making and shaping .


Marble Mould , 15 moulds

This is a marble mould with 15 spheres , it's a lump and a bit of graphite.

Round Edged Marble Mould

A great mould with 4 sizes of marble mould , each mould is round lipped.

The measurements are 25mm dia, 30mm dia,35mm & 40mm dia , the moulds are cone shaped on the bottom helping to create your marbles.

This is solid block of quality graphite , the block measures 100mm square and 45mm depth with a wooden handle , overall length including the handle is 245mm.


Mini Monster Marble Mould

A great  "Mini" Monster marble mould , 5 holes 13mm , 16mm , 19mm , 26mm & 32mm . The Mould itself measures 75mm dia x 25mm thick and including the handle is 260mm  long.


The handle is silicone sleeved for extra comfort.

Vessel & Marble Grabber

1" -1 3/4" sprung marble and vessel grabber.