This years Santa 3 day sale includes 

20% off all Nortel Torches  

15% off all Bethlehem Torches   

10% off all New 5ltr and 10ltr oxygen concentrators

10% off all Paragon Kilns

20% off all Reichenbach  Glass Rods

15% off all Double Helix Glass Rods

40% off all CiM Glass Rods

10% off all Mandrels

20% off all Borosilicate Clear Glass Tubing and Rods

20% off all Asian Borosilicate Tubing and Rods

15% off all Borosilicate Sockets and Cones

15% off all Brass Bead Presses

15% off all Lumiere Lusters

15% off all Glass Alchemy Borosilicate Rods

15% off all Molten Aura Borosilicate Glass Rods

20% off all Thompson Enamels

20% off Hot Plates

10% off all Paragon Knife Kilns


If you forget an item please place a new order and this will be shipped separately,we will not be accepting additions to placed order via email as these can be missed during busy sale periods.

We will try to ship on Monday but please be patient with the volume of orders we will try our best.

Unfortunately we are not be able to contact you to let you know of out of stock items unless the total out of stock is 30% or more of the order .


New classes added to website:


Glitter, Glamour and 3D Lentils with Anouk Jasperse


GBUK Class with Helen Gorick


New Northstar colours Mystery Aventurine, Dark amethyst , Opaque Aqua , Galaxy and Berry Gumbolt Odd.