Clear/Glow in the Dark (Ltd Run) 1/8 Kilo

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Ltd Run colours are manufactured in extremely small quantities and might not be repeated again so the advice is always to buy as much as you can if you like it.

Clear/Glow in the Dark is described as a "clear with glow in the dark frit "

Testers reported

"This is a glow in the dark like a chocolate chip cookie. Clear, with visible chunks of 'glow.' That lack of control where the glow goes might make some people crazy. But it's still kind of fun. You would get glow spots in random places. I didn't have any problem with this shocking." Read more at DragonJools blog.
 Dwyn Tomlinson
"Having never worked a glow in the dark glass before I was apprehensive as how this would both melt and look in the dark. I preheated this rod to avoid any shockiness, particularly as the rod was bigger in diameter than most CiM colours. The clear was clean, bubble and scum free and was on par with Effetre Superclear 006 for quality and cleanliness. This melted beautifully without being soupy. No bubbling or any issues when working the glass. Melts like a dream. If you like a subtle glow in the dark look then this is for you. I would have liked to have seen much more glow in the dark inclusions, however it is still lovely as is."
 Juliette Mullett
"Vetrofond clear, a touch of dichroic, aqua glow powder, and the clear based Messy glow glass makes a wonderful fairy tale pumpkin. When I first got the new glow glass, I really wasn't sure I liked the big bits of glow. But as I have worked and played with it, I find it creates some effects that work well. It works well as fireflies or magical sparkles."
 Chris Haussler
"The glow glass is awesome if you prewarm it. I stuck the end in the kiln and it melts perfectly. If you don’t prewarm, it shocks all over the place."
 Caroline Davis
"The actual glow is a greenish-blue and it really lights up. I ‘fed’ the two beads light with the torch on my iPhone before I wedged myself into the porch cupboard to capture their glow in a photo. What a fun glass! I really enjoyed playing with this one." Read more at Laura's blog.
 Laura Sparling
"In rod form, Glow in the Dark is a hazy clear and when you melt it it goes a bit bubbly. The glass is quite soft but not at all shocky. It played nicely with stringer; I used Effetre White 204 for the scrolls on the silver core bead." Read more at Laura's blog.