Dollhouse Misty (Ltd Run) 1/8 Kilo

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Ltd Run colours are manufactured in extremely small quantities and might not be repeated again so the advice is always to buy as much as you can if you like it.

Dollhouse Misty is described as a "a misty opal pink"

Testers reported

"The most beautiful opal pink with semi translucency, almost cloudy/veil like. The pink is reminiscent of Rose Quartz. The light bounces throughout the beads with a gorgeous rose pink inner glow. I preheated this rod, as it would have been really shocky otherwise. I highly recommend pre warming the rod before use. Melted beautifully, like butter. Works beautifully with silver glass. If you like pink, you will love this colour. A must have for all pink glass lovers."
 Juliette Mullett
"This glass is very similar to Peony from last year. So, of course I love it. Dollhouse Milky and Misty are both so dreamy and super easy to work with. No shocking, no popping, and as smooth as silk to melt. Great for sculpture. Just a love fest all around."
 Lori Peterson
"Dollhouse Misty is a lovely light pink. Not shocky and no issues with bubbling or scumming. Played nicely with dichroic and silver glass on surface."
 Terri Herron
Left to right: Ballerina, Peony, Dollhouse Misty, Dollhouse Milky. See more of Claudia's color comparisons.
 Claudia Eidenbenz
Left to right: Rose Quartz, Dollhouse Misty, Dollhouse Milky. See more of Claudia's color comparisons.
 Claudia Eidenbenz
"Dollhouse Misty has the translucent opalescent thing going on that CiM does so well. I had no troubles at all with this one. It melted nicely with no shocking or scumming." Read more at Laura's blog.
 Laura Sparling
"Over the past few production runs, CiM has not only been working on gorgeous colours, but gorgeous colours that keep their transparent/translucent qualities even after heating & cooling and garaging. They have for some colours, also split their production pot to make two versions of the same colour  … a misty [more transparent] and a milky [more translucent] version, giving artists much more control over the kind of beads they want to make rather than being restrained by what the market offers. These pinks really have the Miami art deco meets ice cream sundae vibe! Misty falls between Ballerina and Peony while Milky is more saturated. Both are beautiful strong pinks. And I'm really glad that they share the same name, as it's obvious that the colours are related. Both melted smoothly with no issues."
 Trudi Doherty
"I really like this glass. It was not very shocky, didn’t burn up as fast as other pinks, stayed true to color unlike other pastel transparent pinks that turned yellow or orangish. I didn’t like it over white because it almost disappeared. The palest bead has a twisty made with Dollhouse and Green Opalino over white and you can see how super pale it is. Usually white [at least in my experience] under a transparent makes the transparent pop. The elephant has a couple of minor 'scorch' marks from over heating which tells me it needs to be melted in the coolest part of the flame and for not too long. With that being said, it held up in the heat a good while before making those marks— much better than I’ve seen other pinks do. The mini blown glass vessel was easy to blow. I put Effetre white dots on the pink heart, transparent pink dichro on the lone pink bead [gorgeous reaction] and made a plain pair of beads just to see how the glass looked by itself."
 Susan Parry