Eden (Ltd Run) 1/4 Kilo

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1/4 Kilo of Eden (Ltd Run) CiM Glass Rods, 11-12 rods.

Ltd Run colours are manufactured in extremely small quantities and might not be repeated again so the advice is always to buy as much as you can if you like it.

Eden is described as " a dense transparent green with adventurine"

"This set of garden beads has a lot of flower murrini on a base of Eclectus Parrot and features leaf cane made with Eden over Effetre Pea Green."
Lori Peterson

"This heart bead is made with an Eclectus Parrot base and Eden stringer. Though it doesn't show in this picture there is a bit of sparkle in the Eden stringer but it is subtle and doesn't photograph well."
Caroline Davis

"Eden is a saturated deep green glass which looks close to black as a solid bead. By way of giving a direct comparison I have made a solid bead and also put dots of Eden over dots of Glacier inside this layered floral lentil to give the impression of big leaves behind the flowers [I have used Gypsy dots over Glacier dots to make the petals]. With Eden, a little glass will go a very long way in adding pops of colour to your beads." Read more at Kitzbitz Art Glass' blog.
Jolene Wolfe

"Reducing silver glass on top of Eden is nice - I got pretty colours from my frit. The striking silver glass didn't do anything magical." Read more at Melanie's blog.
Melanie Graham

"Eden is a very dense, dark transparent bottle green. The glass contains tiny particles of aventurine which give it a bit of sparkle. In rod form the glass looks black and if you were to make a solid bead with it the resulting bead would also appear black. These nuggety beads were made by encasing a clear glass core with a thin layer of Eden and when you hold the beads up to the light you can see their deep green tone and their subtle glimmer. Eden is very glossy and smooth and it melted with no issues. The glass is extremely difficult to photograph, though, and I’ve been waiting for some sunshine so I could actually capture the green." Read more at Laura's tumblr.
Laura Sparling

"Here Eden is paired with 3 different transparent encasements. The aqua and clear tests also include a dash of aventurine frit. There is a nice reaction between the glass and frit. The lavender bead is strictly Eden and the encasement. The sparkle is quite apparent in person."
Heather Sellers