CiM Nectar Ltd Run Oddment 111grm

  CiM Nectar Ltd Run Oddment Pack 111grm x 4 complete rods.

CiM Nursery Pink Oddment Pack 122grm

CiM Nursery Pink Oddment Pack 122grm x 5 rods


CiM Ogre Oddment Pack 116grm

CiM Ogre Oddment Pack 116grm x 5 rods .

CiM Peachy Keen Oddment 125grm

A "Oddment " pack of CiM Peachy Keen , 125grms and 5 full rods.

CiM Poison Apple Ltd Run Oddment Pack 162grm

CiM Poison Apple Ltd Run Oddment 162grm pack of 4 complete rods, 2 x 1/2 rods.

CiM Prairie Grass Ltd Run Oddment 232grm

CiM Prairie Grass Ltd Run Oddment pack , 232grms 12 broken rods measuring 340mm long.


CiM Primavera Oddment Rods x 122grm

This is a 122grm pack of CiM 104coe glass rods, Primarvera x 5 rods


CiM Primrose Ltd Run Oddment Pack 84grm

CiM Primrose Ltd Run Oddment Pack 84grm x 4 complete rods.



CiM Primrose Oddment Pack 67grm

CiM Primrose Oddment.67grm with a total of 3 rods.

CiM Pink Champagne Oddment Pack 64grm

CiM Oddment Pack of Pink Champagne Rods, 64grms , 3 full rods .



CiM Purple Haze Oddment 250grm

This CiM Oddment is Purple Haze , 250grms and includes 13 full rods.

CiM Purple Haze Ltd Run Oddment 125grm

CiM Purple Haze Oddment Pack 125grm x 7 complete rods.

CiM Sapphire Oddment Pack 125grm

CiM Glass Sapphire x 125grm pack of 5 full rods

CiM Red Alert Oddment Pack 113grm

CiM Glass Red Alert 113grm pack of 5 complete rods.

CiM Trapeze Oddment Pack 112grm

CiM Trapeze Oddment Pack 112grm x 5 complete rods.

CiM Trapeze Oddment Pack,200grms

CiM Trapeze Rods  x 200grm, 7 full rods.


CiM Troll Oddment Pack 112grm

CiM Troll Oddment Pack 112grm x 6 rods.


CiM Venus Oddment Pack 122grm

CiM Venus Oddment Pack 122grm x 5 full rods.

CiM Your Majesty Oddment Pack 228grm

CiM Yourt Majesty Oddment Pack 228grm x 9 complete rods,
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Could It Be Magic Frit Oddment 50grm Small Bits

This is a 50grm bag of Reichenbach COE 94-96 Magic frit . Larger than the normal frit these chunks are 1mm - 2mm in size