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CiM 8mm Clear Oddment Pack 500grm

CiM 8mm Clear Oddment Pack 500grm x 10 complete rods.

Try the CiM clear for 1/2 price  and see what yiou ahve been missing out on.

CiM African Violet Oddment 117grm

A "Oddment " pack of CiM African Violet , 117grms and 5 full rods.

CiM Apple Pie Pack 122grm

CiM Apple Pie Pack 122grm x 5 complete rods.

CiM Banana Cream Oddment Pack 250grm

CiM Banana Cream 250grm pack of 12 complete rods.

CiM Blarney Stone Oddment Pack 119grm

CiM Glass Blarney Stone 119grm pack of 7 complete rods.

CiM Byzantium Oddment Rods 118grm

This is a 118grm pack of CiM rods, Byzantium x 4 rods approx at 330mm long.


CiM Celadon Oddment Pack 244grm

CiM Celadon Oddment Pack 244grm x 14 complete rods.

CiM Chocolate Ltd Run Oddment Pack 122grm

CiM Chocolate Ltd Run Oddment Pack 122grm x 4 full rods.

CiM Cleopatra Oddment 116grm

CiM Oddment Pack of Cleopatra rods116grm , 5 rods in total 350mm long.

CiM Coronation Day Ltd Run Oddment 225grm

CiM Coronation Day Ltd Run Oddment Pack 225grm x 8 complete rods.

CiM Count von Count Oddment Pack 116grm

CiM Count von Count Oddment Pack 116grm x 3 rods.


CiM Chateau Oddment Pack 124grm

CiM Chateau Oddment Pack 124grm x 5 full rods @ 330mm  long.


CiM Desert Pink Oddment Pack 98grm

CiM Glass Desert Pink x 98grm pack of 3 full rods

CiM Desert Pink Oddment Pack116grm

CiM Oddment Pack of Desert Pink Rods, 116grms , 6 full rods .



CiM Dragon Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM Dragon Oddment Pack 120grm x 5 rods


CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 124grm x 5 complete rods.



CiM Enchanted Ltd Run Oddment 116grm

CiM Enchanted Oddment Pack 116grm x 3 complete rods.

CiM Euucalyptus Ltd Run Oddment 120grm

  CiM Eucalyptus Ltd Run Oddment Pack 120grm x 5 complete rods.

CiM Lapis Oddment Pack 241grm

CiM Lapis Oddment Pack 241grm x 10 complete rods .

CiM Nectar Ltd Run Oddment 103grm

  CiM Nectar Ltd Run Oddment Pack 103grm x 4 complete rods.