Clearance Sales

 On this clearance page there is only 1 of each item unless listed more than once.

10grm Frit Selection Pack B

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is  Enamel White, Fushia, Copper Ruby Light, Multi & Aquamarine.

10grm Frit Selection Pack D

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Iris Orange, Bronze, Fushia, Cherry Red Extra & Metallic Cobalt Blue.

10grm Frit Selection Pack F

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Heliotrope, Beryl Green, Opal Raspberry, Copper Ruby Light & Copper Ruby Dark.

10grm Frit Selection Pack G

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is Beryl Green, Copper Ruby Dark, Soft Violet, Heliotrope & Adventurine Old Gold.

10grm Frit Selection Pack I

A 5 pack of Reichenbach frits , 10grms of each frit there is  Cherry Red Extra, Iris Violet, Soft Violet, Iris Orange & Hyazinth.
50% OFF

Effetre Ltd Sage Mystery Glass

We found this bundle of glass while cleaning the warehouse, its certainly effetre but with no code or colour and hiding in the warehouse 2-3 years we decided it was "Ltd Mystery" colour.

A 125grm pack of 8 approx rods , all new 300mm long 5mm dia.This sage colour is a good opaque colour.

Save £125

Demo SC2 Window Annealing Kiln

This kiln is in new excellent condition apart from slight discolouration around the window which alaways happens on its first firing.

The kiln has been fired once as a demonstration test.

 The kiln will come with a 12 month warranty from us.



50% OFF

CiM 8mm Clear Oddment Pack 500grm

CiM 8mm Clear Oddment Pack 500grm x 10 complete rods.

Try the CiM clear for 1/2 price  and see what yiou ahve been missing out on.


Reichenbach Crystal Enamel

A 75grm bag of Reichenbach Enamel , could be a bit of fun to play with.

Propane Hose Oddment 1.6mtr long

A new piece of Propane hose , 6mm i.d x 1.6mtr long.

CiM Ghee Oddment Pack 190grm

CiM Ghee Oddment Pack 190grm x 9 full rods @ 330mm  long.


CiM Butter Pecan Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM Butter Pecan Oddment Pack 120grm x 6 complete rods,
50% OFF

Crystal Clear Boro Rod Oddment 40mm dia

Crystal Clear Boro rod Oddment Pack. This rod is 40mm dia x 500mm long

CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 88grm

CiM Emperor Ltdv Run Oddment Pack 88grm x 3 complete rods



Flame Off Used Nortel Mid-Range Plus Torch

This Nortel Mid-Range Plus torch is ideal for both soft glass and small Borosilicate work. It will run on 1 x 5ltr oxygen concentrator but to use the larger Mid-Range flame it will need 2 x 5ltr oxygen concentrators and has the small Minor torch on the top . The bottom Mid-Range torch is perfect for blowing boro tube up to 44mm /60mm dia as well as Boro rod up to 24mm o.d for marble making up to 2" dia marbles.

The term "Used" is to explain that it was a demo torch at Flame Off 2019 , used for 14 hours and the torch shows heat marks on the torch tip , the screw holes have marks on it and the base has small scratches and marks as expected while being used . The full warranty still applies to the torch .


CiM Primavera Ltd Run Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM Primavera Ltd Run Oddment Pack 120grm x 5 full rods.

CiM Pistachio Ice Cream Oddment Pack 114grm

CiM Pistachio Ice Cream Oddment Pack 114grm x 4 rods .

CiM Primavera Ltd Run Oddment 123grm

CiM Primavera Ltd Run Oddment pack , 123grms 5 broken rods measuring 340mm long.


CiM Count von Count Oddment Pack 116grm

CiM Count von Count Oddment Pack 116grm x 3 rods.


CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 120grm

CiM Emperor Ltd Run Oddment Pack 124grm x 5 complete rods.