double helix_

Double Helix Frit

Double Helix Frit is supplied in 2oz glass jars, the size is medium blend.


Triton Coarse Frit

Triton is a reduction colour.

Psyche Coarse Frit

A reduction colour.

Luna3 Coarse Frit

A striking colour.

Luna 3 Fine Frit

Luna 3 is a striking colour.

Khaos Medium Frit

A striking colour.

FSHP Terra Medium Frit

Fast Striking Hand Pulled Terra Frit is a striking colour.

Kalypso Coarse Frit

A striking & reduction colour.

Helios Coarse Frit

A reduction colour.

Hand Pulled Terra Medium Frit

A striking and reduction colour.

Elektra 2.1 Fine Frit

Elektra 2.1 is a reduction colour.

This aquamarine glass frit can be struck to several levels;  metallic mirror effects, creamy blues and greens or when struck repeatedly or heavily reduced, strong reds.

Sold in 2 oz quantities packaged in glass jars that are reusable or recyclable.


Aion2 Coarse Frit

A reduction colour.