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Astrid Riedel Off Mandrel Hollows Class

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2 Day "Hollows" class on Saturday & Sunday 15th, 16th & September 2018

11 students per class - 0 spaces available. Class full.


A two day class with Astrid expanding on her sold out Flame Off 2017 class making "Off Mandre Hollows"

Day one will explore in depth the theory on blowing glass beads off mandrel, creating round , lentil and tapered tube shaped hollow beads off mandrel without decorations!

Day two will be the theory on expansion, exploring the difference between colours and discoring their softness and hardness. The theory of applying different decoratiuons on a hollow bead. Creating hollow lentil shaped beads with different decorations such as shards, enamels and fine stringers. Learning to create twisties and then learning to apply them to a hollow tube bead this class follows on and goes further than Astrids Flame Off class so all students will enjoy and learn.

This class is Intermediate to advancved.