Ceramic Raku Class Thursday 30th May 2019

This class will be held during the Flame Off Event held at Uttoxeter Race course 2019 on Thursday 30th May .

Caroline is a ceramic artist from the North West of England. She discovered her love for art and desire to create at an early age, working in mediums from paper crafts, to jewellery making, lamp working and traditional art.

She stumbled upon clay 7 years ago and began making ceramic beads and small sculptures. Entirely self taught, her work is motivated by the thrill of experimentation and discovery, with an evolving style.

A large influence in her work is the natural world, landscape, flora and fauna, and the beauty of the British countryside, expressed through various surface design and techniques.

Caroline,Thursday 30th May Class Raku Smoke Firing Workshop

Experience - Suitable for all

The Class will be held at Uttoxeter Racecourse on Thursday 30th May 2019

10am - 5pm

Please bring your own lunch.

Hot and cold catering will be available.

Your ticket is non refundable if cancelled within 30 days of the class, after this we can try and sell your space and if successful you will get a full refund.

10 spaces - 6 available