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Dorry Niclou- Spoo Class Booking

Some of you might know me already, for those who don't: 

Hello, I’m Dorry, 56 years old and I started lampworking in 2007.

Between 2007 and 2017 I took classes with respectable glass artists like

Carla di Franscesco,Theresa la Liberté, Kate Fowle, Heather Trimlett,Astrid Riedel,Holly Cooper,

Michael Barley etc.

I live in Luxemburg, a small country in the heart of Europe.

I'm happily married and we have a patchwork family with 4 kids,

ages ranging from 18 to 31.

I have been trying to develop a style of my own but I'm still continuing my

search for new amazing effects, as I absolutely adore them.

I have been teaching my technical throughout Europe for a few years now

(more specifically:

electro forming, hollow glass ring tops,stone beads and superficially spreading murrinis).

In March 2017, I attended my first gathering in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was a very enriching experience and inspired me with a lot of new ideas!


 On the first day I would first show my signature bead " Woman with brain "

Students will learn to work with reactive glass and silver glass, a deep lentil press, fine copper wire, silver leaf, heat control and embedding a twisted copper wire into the bead.

In the bead your bead you will see the intelligence of the lady, outside eye and mouth. Students can let their creativity run wild.The students also learn how to adjust the amount of glass correctly to the press.

We will also learn how to set up the "spread out "rainbow murrini, learning how to make it and apply it.We will also  make a "luckybead,"the technique of stone design with ladybug, hedgehog and mushroom.



Dorry Spoo,Thursday 30th May Class.Metal Inclusions

Level :- intermediate.


10am - 5pm

Please bring your own eye protection and lunch.Hot and cold catering will be available.

12 places available, 10  places remaining.

Your ticket is non refundable if cancelled within 60 days of the class , we can try and sell your space and if successful you will get a full refund.