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Flame Off Taster Classes

For the first time at Flame Off we are offering "Taster" classes.

Not everybody has the time or the money to attend the Thursday full day classes and many that do book on a class have to make a choice between 2 or 3 of their favourite artists , well now you can book a 3 hour "taster" class with all the artists plus more.

Each class will be 3 hours , either 10-1pm or 2-5pm on both Friday and Saturday allowing you to take part in a shorter class and still enjoy Flame Off as well.

Jennie Braid lamb

Friday 10-1pm

12 spaces - 3 available


Friday 10 -1pm

5 spaces - 3 spaces available

Jennie Braid Lamb

Friday 2-5pm

12 Spaces - 5 available


 Friday 2-5pm

 5 Spaces - 3 Spaces available

elizabeth mushroom, fox and hog

Elizabeth Welch

Friday 2 - 5pm

Please bring your own eye protection

 12 Spaces - 7 spaces available

Tatyana Boyarinova

Saturday 10-1pm

Please bring your own eye protection

 12 Spaces - 6 available

BlueberriBeads Saturday 10-1pm

5 Spaces - 5 available


Saturday 2-5pm

5 Spaces - 4 available