Because of hugh demand we have added an extra JC Herrell class on the 1st & 2nd July


Our huge CiM delivery has arrived, you can check out all the colours and tips for each of the 27 new colours now



New Elaine Forbes (wee-lainy) class announced




"Passing the Flame" is back in stock

Big Northstar Boro Restock plus Boro Frits

Laney Mead Flower Class announced


Momka Boro Restock with 5 New Colours

Irena Sergeeva Class's announced in September,book your place now

Jennie Lamb class in September, book your place now

In stock now is the new Double Helix colour Iaso. You can check out more details here.


Also in stock is a complete restock of Double Helix including Iris, Triton, Arke, Thallo and 8mm dia Zephyr