Autumn is just around the corner so we are celebrating with a 15% off sale on these terrific Autumnal colours


Reichenbach, Silver Brown, Scarlet Brown

Effetre, Cool Hawaiian Clay,Cool Tigers Eye,Cool HalloweenLight Umber, Sage Green, Pale Green , Amber, Red Roof Tile, Dark Zucca, Light Zucca, Light Red.


CiM , Orange Crush, Maple, Bing, Chamomile, Olive, Schoolhouse, Mahogany.


CiM restock has just arrived with Poppy Ltd, Sunset Ltd,Kryptonite, Freman, Atlantis, Peace and Hades all restock-gert em while you can .

Effetre latest delivery includes 3 new colours(Turquoise Marble,Purple Marble,Green Marble) and we have added to our huge range with 7 Opalino colours(White, Sky Blue, Periwinkle, Grass Green, Green Nile, Yellow & Carnelian)




The latest colour from Double Helix,Hyperion is on sale now



More Bella Donna glass is back in stock


Northstar ill-uminati is back in stock and we have added 5 more new colours to our range, see the whole range of 46 colours + frits by clicking this link


 Fusions back in stock


Just arrived is Borosilicate Coloured Tube in 10 colours.



New Tungsten Tweezers are now in stock for only £25.00


Effetre and Sediment back in stock                                           

                                                       Sediment 591287



The Karma S1 Kiln which was launched at the Flame Off 2015



New Texture Mashers


A huge range of new Cabochon mandrels and Ribbon mandrels fresh from the Flame Off. 


Bethlehems New Champion Burner has just arrived in stock 



                        Irena Sergeeva Class's announced in September,book your place now