Tuffnells Christmas sale will begin at 9am Friday 14th and end 9am Monday 17th December 2018


This years super savings include

10% off all new 10ltr oxygen concentrators

10% off all new 5ltr oxygen concentrators

10% off all Paragon kilns

15% off all Asian tube and rod

10% off all clear rod and tube

15% off all Reichenbach coloured rods

10% off all Effetre dichroic sheet , noodles and fused strips

10% off all Double Helix rods and frits

20% off all Vetrofond "odds" rods

10% off all Northstar Borosilicate rod

15% off all TAG Borosilicate rods

20% off all 104coe bluestone /goldstone / greenstone stringers and ribbons


Due to the larger than normal volumes of orders during our sale we will attempt to delivery on time within our express 24hr period , some parcels may be delayed if we are too busy but this should only be an extra 24 hours.



Flame Off 2019 classes now for sale, full one day classes with Jari Ann Sheese , Caroline Weidman , James Stewardson (Glass Haze), Dorry Niclou-Spoo , Blueberri "Raku" and "Taster" classes all available now.



        New Double Helix class for August just announced with US artist Shani Barrett 


 December colour of the Month