The New Eezzy-Jewellery kits are now in stock, click on the picture to see all the range,



New Blow hose Set in stock, click on the picture,





                     Save 25% on Fit-Over Safety Glasses





            New GBUK Ray Skene class announced for Sept 24th 2016    at our Rudston Studios, click here to see more details





                 Reconditioned 8ltr Oxy-Cons are now available, click on   the picture for more details,





                  Claudias New Fish Book is in stock now and ready to ship,






                         New Polished Gilson White Opals are in stock, click on the picture,















We are proud to start stocking TAG Borosilicate glass rods and frit, click on the logo for all the rods and frit,




He is coming back. Rashan Jones is coming to teach Boro Beginners & Intermediate Boro on October 5th & 6th & 8th & 9th 2016, click on the picture for more details



We have just launched 2016 Summer Bead Camp. Joining us will be acclaimed International teachers JC Herrell and Claudia Trimbur-Pagel for a week full of fun and learning. For more details click on Bead Camp




New Angelika Kaufmann class just added , for more details click on the picture